WAVE 3 Master Freediver

This master course teaches everything necessary to be able to perform equalization below the residual volume of the lung. We teach you advanced relaxation techniques for deep dives and the equalization through mouthfill. You will be able to do more than 3:30 minutes static and dive 34 to 40 meters deep. After completing the course you will be assistant instructor for Molchanovs WAVE and LAP courses.

Wave 2 certification or equivalent
18 years (16 years with signature of parents)
Liability release
Medical statement
First aid certificate

Technology improvement
Mouthfill equalization
Attention Deconcentration Relaxation
Mental Work

FRC Dives
Reverse Packing

Final examination
STA 3:30 minutes
DYNB 75 meter/DNF 50 meter
CWTB and FIM 34-40 meters/CNF 25 meters
Rescue from 20 meters

Included in the price
Dive center fee
ABC equipment
Diving Insurance
Digital teaching material

4 days (10 am – 6 pm)