Egypt, Hamata

The Red Sea offers everything for freediving. Warm clear water and lots to see.

On a sailboat we explore the southern Red Sea and visit top spots like SATAYAH Dolphin House and Abo Galawa reef & wreck.

Egypt, Hamata, south of Marsa Alam (southern Red Sea)

Safari boat
16 m sailboat
5 double cabins

Travel time
March, 11.-17.03.2023

Hamata Islands
SATAYAH Dolphin House
Abo Galawa reef & Wreck

Included in the price
7 nights on the sailboat
3 meals per day (plus coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks, snacks and fruit)
1 skipper and 1 freediving instructor

8 days, 11.-18.03.2023

930,- Euro/person (in double cabin with shared bathroom)
990,- Euro/person (in double cabin with private bathroom)

Additional costs
Transfer from the airport
rental equipment, freediving course