WAVE 1 Freediver

In this beginners course you will learn the basics of Freediving and develop your natural abilities to move underwater: Equalization, relaxation and breathing techniques, rescue and safety exercises, physics and physiology of Freediving. We will teach you all the necessary techniques to hold your breath for over 1:30 minutes and to dive safely from 12 to 20 meters.

18 years (16 years with signature of parents)
swim at least 200 meters
Medical statement
Liability release

Freediving Technique
Basic knowledge
Freediving in the Buddy System

time diving (STA)
distance diving (DYN)
Deep diving (CWT and FIM)

Test requirements
Time dive (STA) – 1:30 minutes
distance diving – DYNB 35 m / DNF Demo
Deep diving – CWTB and FIM 12-20 m

Included in the price
Dive center fee
ABC equipment
Diving Insurance
Digital teaching material

2 days (10 – 18 o’clock)