AIDA 4 Master Freediver

As an advanced freediver you want to improve your skills beyond the recreational area? Mouthfill equalization and Variable Weight as well as stretching sessions as Assistant Instructor are just a few of the topics. Take the next step and dive safely down to 38 meters.

AIDA3 or equivalent
Medical statement
Liability release

Mouthfil equalization
Lung Packing
Advanced physiology and physics of freediving
Instructions for Warm-up sessions
Buoy setup

Training tables for STA and DYN
Instructions of Warm-Ups/Stretching
FRC Dives
Mouthfil Training
Rescue and self-rescue
Deep diving down to 32 meters

Test requirements
Theory exam
Statics (STA) – 3:30 minutes
Dynamic (DYN) – 70 meters
Deep diving (CWT) – 32 meters

Included in the price
Dive center fee
ABC equipment
Diving insurance

4 days (10 am – 6 pm)
3 days (intensive course)